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  • RenewAire is The "V" in HVAC

    For decades, the "V" in HVAC has taken a back seat to heating and air conditioning in perceived importance. But in recent years, sick buildings, a greater understanding of the role of ventilation to worker productivity, plus government regulations regarding indoor air quality (IAQ) - as well as continuously increasing load requirements - have made fresh air ventilation a major factor in the design and refitting of commercial installations.

    For nearly three decades, RenewAire has pioneered the use of air-to-air plate exchangers that transfer both heat and water vapor throughout North and South America. Today, RenewAire is one of North America's largest seller of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) technology, and has been the leading provider of high-efficiency static plate ERV systems in the U.S. for over 20 years. With more than 160,000 units currently in operation - and growing - RenewAire is the ERV system preferred by leading HVAC professionals worldwide for a multitude of reasons.

  • Our Unique Core Is The Key

    First and foremost among RenewAire ERV benefits is our remarkable static-plate core. Its advanced hydroscopic resin plates transfer both heat and water vapor from the exhaust air to precondition the ventilation air using the available energy in the exhaust air leaving the building. During summer, hot / humid ventilation air is pre-conditioned using the relatively cool / dry exhaust air. During winter, ventilation air is pre-heated / humidified using the relatively warmer / wetter exhaust air. This is all accomplished passively without any rotating desiccant wheels or pumped liquid desiccant. Use of RenewAire ERV substantially reduces air conditioning and heating energy costs on an ongoing basis while reducing the size of heating and cooling equipment required to condition ventilation air in new construction or replacement situations.

    At the same time, RenewAire ERVs advanced hydroscopic resin plates separate incoming and exhaust airstreams so the two never come in contact; so substantially, it's AHRI-certified for zero exhaust air transfer at normal, balanced operating conditions. This makes RenewAire's fifth generation cross-flow ERV technology the perfect choice for controlled-exhaust applications like toilet areas, food service locations, and health-care facilities.

    This superior level of performance is also why RenewAire's static-core plate comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, and two years on the balance of the system. It's also the reason RenewAire is one of North America's leading manufacturers of ERV technology. Our units are available in over 20,000 ready-to-build product configurations, and are produced using "Quick Response Manufacturing" to meet the strictest customer delivery schedules.

  • More Benefits. Greater Savings.

    When compared side-by-side with other HVAC manufacturers, RenewAire ERV systems feature numerous detail advantages, including:

    • Low-air leakage cabinet construction
    • Better insulation
    • Reduced thermal bridging
    • Higher blower/motor efficiency for higher efficiency rates
    • Lower pressure drop
    • Elimination of condensate and frosting in virtually all applications and climates, so there's no need for dampers or electrical defrost elements.
    • Specification grade features, construction detailing, and options at trade-line prices.

    If all this wasn't enough, RenewAire ERVs offer the lowest maintenance cost of any ERV, and are among the lowest priced to install. When you put all these benefits together, it's clear that RenewAire delivers greater performance value, comfort, fuel savings, safety, and ROI versus other rotary, heat pipe, and plate-exchanger manufacturers.

    Just as important, every RenewAire ERV and ventilation unit is HVI- and AHRI-certified, rating among the top performers in these independent evaluation programs. Most models and product options are UL- or ETL-listed for safety and durability under the specific UL 1812 Standard for Ducted Heat Recovery Ventilators.

  • We Do It All...Everywhere!

    From Maine to Arizona, small installations or extremely large ones, RenewAire provides today's commercial builders, engineers, and contractors, as well as business owners and building administrators with complete ventilation solutions that do more for less. Our systems are presently operating in diverse commercial installations across the country, including: Elementary/Secondary Schools, Government Buildings, Municipal Facilities, Major Private Companies, Hotels/Motels, Nursing Homes/Healthcare Centers, Colleges/Universities, Military Bases, Financial Institutions, Charitable Organizations, Restaurants/Food Service, and Sports Training Facilities.

    As much as our unsurpassed quality and performance, our customers can also depend on our professional support staff for swift, professional assistance with all their technical, application, and service needs. Every time. Anywhere.

    At RenewAire - unlike other ventilation suppliers - advanced ventilation solutions are all we do. Our sole passion. Which is why for all commercial projects, we are the "V" in HVAC...and the only name you need to know.

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  • Safeguarding Life's Greatest Investments

    Nothing is more important than the health of family and home

    • Today's homes are airtight.
    • The need for ventilation has never been more important.
    • RenewAire is uniquely qualified to provide this critical indoor component.

    RenewAire's advanced ventilation products are based upon a simple principal - bring equal amounts of healther, fresh air into your home while exhausting the same amount out, and do this in the best energy-efficient manner as possible. Unlike ordinary residential ventilation systems, RenewAire handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating humidity and temperature extremes during summer as well as winter. This results in the very efficient delivery of fresh air while exhausting unhealthy stale air, including odors, excess carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful gaseous pollutants, regardless of the time of year or where you live.

  • A Whole Healthier Home Approach

    Advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation versus batheroom fans

    Simple bath fans are often promoted to provide your home's critical indoor fresh air component. First and foremost, a bath fan ventilation system has no energy recovery component. RenewAire's remarkable static-plate energy recovery core preconditions the incoming ventilation air using the available energy in the exhaust air leaving the home. Furthermore, bath fans only drive air in one direction - out of your home, placing your tightly built home under negative pressure. RenewAire's balanced approach maintains the home under neutral or balanced pressure, avoiding driving air into or out of the home's energy envelope. Balanced ventilation decreases the possibility of condensation at points where hot air meets cold air within the building envelope as well as undesired hot or cold air infiltration. Undue condensation inside the home or within the building envelope can lead to unwanted mold, mildew and subsequent structural damage. In new construction and remodel situations, RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems can be used in place of bath fans with a RenewAire control conveniently placed in each bathroom while still providing energy efficient, balanced whole house ventilation.

  • Which Product is Perfect for Your Home?

    We do it all...Everywhere!

    RenewAire's advanced ventilation products are suitable for all climates and are to be operated in both summer and winter. Some competitor's products only recover heat from the exhaust air (HRV). This is great during winter in cold climates, but can over dry the home. During hot, humid summer days, HRVs must be turned off to avoid bringing in too much outdoor humidity. RenewAire's Energy Recovery Ventilators work in summer, winter, hot, cold, humid or dry, moderating extremes year-round.

  • Where Do I Start?

    Discuss your needs with your HVAC Professional

    RenewAire relies on trained Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractors and dealers to discuss your lifestyle, concerns, and review your particular application to properly size a RenewAire advanced ventilation system. Since we sell our products exclusively through the industry's largest and most recognized HVAC wholesalers in North Amercia, odds are your local contractor will be trained on our products and have a source for RenewAire. Additionally, RenewAire's advanced ventilation products are available in many convenient sizes so your HVAC professional can properly size a unit that precisely meets your needs and does so in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

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