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RenewAire Ventilation Workshops

Attention Engineers and RenewAire Sales Partners

RenewAire is pleased to offer engineers, contractors and partners an educational workshop on Ventilation Workshopventilation and energy recovery best practices using total energy recovery technology. RenewAire will be presenting concepts, theories and psychrometrics on the use of plate type energy recovery technologies for ventilation, including how these elements relate to ASHRAE Standard 62, 2013. The program shall consist of technical presentations followed by a hands on tour of the RenewAire facility, including seeing the product in action.

For more information, contact us to discuss attending our Ventilation Workshops!

Use ERVCalc! - Click Here

Architects Looking at Plans

A range of tools to size your ventilation and select your product.

ERVCalc is a multifaceted web based software tool for the HVAC professional that can perform a number of calculations and tasks related to sizing and applying RenewAire's advanced ventilation products, some of which are listed below:

  • ERV leaving air temperature/humidity based upon indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Ventilation air load reduction in both winter and summer
  • Development of a ventilation schedule based upon ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines and assigning ERVs to each or multiple ventilation zones
  • Calculate ERV annual savings
  • Create schedules that can be dropped into plan documents
ERVCalc can be reached at After creating a New Account, you can proceed in one of two directions. The recommended direction is to click on Projects and launch a new project. However, if a simple leaving air, or unit performance calculation is all that is needed, then choose Quickcalcs. Need assistance in using ERVCalc? Just give RenewAire or your RenewAire Representative a call.