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A range of tools to size your ventilation and select your product.

ERVCalc is a multifaceted web based software tool for the HVAC professional that can perform a number of calculations and tasks related to sizing and applying RenewAire's advanced ventilation products, some of which are listed below:

  • ERV leaving air temperature/humidity based upon indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Ventilation air load reduction in both winter and summer
  • Development of a ventilation schedule based upon ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines and assigning ERVs to each or multiple ventilation zones
  • Calculate ERV annual savings
  • Create schedules that can be dropped into plan documents
ERVCalc can be reached at After creating a New Account, you can proceed in one of two directions. The recommended direction is to click on Projects and launch a new project. However, if a simple leaving air, or unit performance calculation is all that is needed, then choose Quickcalcs. Need assistance in using ERVCalc? Just give RenewAire or your RenewAire Representative a call.