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ASHRAE Journal - March 2013 Are your employees or those of your customers working within an environment that is conducive to peak decision making, mental performance, and top overall productivity? The authors of this study concluded that relatively low concentrations of carbon dioxide (between 1,000 and 2,500 ppm) will have a direct effect on occupants' work performance. The ASHRAE Journal article summarizing the study states that while additional studies are necessitated, there is a surprising and dramatic direct influence of these lower levels of carbon dioxide on human mental performance such as basic activity, initiative, information utilization, breadth of approach and basic strategy, all components of decision-making and task performance. They argue that the findings from this study have implications on minimum ventilation standards as well as strengthen the argument that it is imperative that minimum standards must not only be adhered to and implemented, but may be too low to be effective. Read Full Article