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Bypass Economizer

By utilizing what nature offers, our bypass economizer can “free cool” indoor spaces by using tempered outdoor filtered air when the temperature and/or humidity is within a favorable range. This process maximizes operating efficiencies and reduces energy use and costs, all while indoor air quality is enhanced—a win-win for occupant health, the environment and the bottom line. The bypass can now be specified for all RenewAire HE indoor units as a factory option.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce energy use and costs: Energy efficiency is optimized since the bypass provides airside economizer capabilities to the building mechanical system.
  • Flexible design: Bypass allows for flexibility in the routing of the bypass duct. Additionally, the dampers are adjustable and AMCA Class I certified for low leakage.
  • Increase installation opportunities: HE indoor units can now be specified and installed on projects that require ERV bypass.
  • 100% bypass of air: Unlike other options on the market, RenewAire offers 100% core bypass of air, resulting in free cooling and further energy reductions.
  • Ultimate reliability: Our commitment to innovative design practices, expert workmanship and Quick Response Manufacturing ensures unmatched reliability.
  • Fast and easy implementation: The economizer option doesn’t affect the current lead time of the base units, and it doesn’t require any additional certifications.
  • Meet code requirements: Bypass helps HE indoor units meet economizer requirements per building codes and other referenced standards.


The bypass system consists of the addition of an extra bypass duct, two electrically actuated dampers and a control system. Bypass is achieved with the help of two dampers consisting of the face damper (normally open) and the bypass damper (normally closed), factory-installed bypass controls and field-installed ductwork that links the return air to the exhaust air. When conditions are favorable for bypass, the face damper closes while the bypass damper opens simultaneously, thereby allowing for 100% of the return air to bypass the core.

The Bypass Economizer option comes with two factory-supplied dampers and a bypass control system of your choice:


The face damper is factory-installed on the return air (RA) duct inlet for all units except HE1X. The bypass damper is also factory-installed on all units except HE1X and HE1.5X.


Dry-bulb control: The standard bypass control is temperature-based via a single outdoor-air controller and sensor.

Bypass Economizer

Custom Options


  • Enthalpy control: This optional bypass control is based on differential enthalpy and uses a return-air enthalpy sensor in conjunction with an outdoor-air enthalpy controller and a dry-bulb temperature controller.

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