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National Research Council Canada - Construction Innovation - Volume 17, Number 4, December 2012 RenewAire receives many calls from homeowners confused regarding which is best - ERV or HRV. Outside of a narrow list of applications such as constant sources of high humidity, dryer exhaust, or kitchen grease hoods, RenewAire recommends ERV for all climates, both summer and winter - year-round. Nevertheless, other manufacturers confuse this simple picture, leaving homeowners questioning the best choice. The National Research Council Canada, a Canadian government agency published the results of two studies, one conducted in summer and one in winter comparing the performance of HRVs versus ERVs. You can read the full article here. The summer study finds ERVs superior at humidity control to HRVs, citing a 12% benefit over one week of detailed side by side testing. This study also indicated that ERVs may recover some unwanted humidity when exhausting from bathrooms, for a few minutes a day, but the overall humidity is lower over the course of the day. The winter field study finds ERVs able to ventilate without over-drying in winter versus HRVs. RenewAire's Energy Recovery Ventilators work in summer, winter, hot, cold, humid or dry, moderating extremes in outdoor ventilation air year-round.