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30th Anniversary

RenewAire Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation!

In 1983, RenewAire manufactured its first energy recovery ventilator (ERV) meeting the company’s founding mission of building a company to save energy in buildings. This first product established a simple, reliable and high performance design using a diamond shaped, energy exchange core that simultaneously transfers heat and humidity between an exhaust air stream and a fresh air stream. 30 Years of ERV Emblem Today, RenewAire continues to be a leader in ERV technology with one of the broadest lines of residential and commercial models in the industry. RenewAire’s large installed product base delivers the benefits of fresh indoor air without sacrificing energy efficiency and saving building owners headaches and money.

Prior to 1983, the founders of Renewaire began selling and installing air-to-air heat exchangers to provide energy efficient ventilation in “super-insulated” homes. This experience with U.S., Canadian, European and Japanese manufacturers of plate, rotary wheel and heat pipe technologies made it obvious that there were significant advantages to “enthalpic” plate exchangers. These include year around high performance in both hot/humid and cold climates, passive condensate and frost avoidance and positive air stream separation all at a competitive cost. Since 1983, RenewAire has benefited greatly from a strong technical partnership with Mitsubishi Electric’s Nakatsugawa Works for ERV core research and production. In 2010, RenewAire joined the Soler & Palau Ventilation Group, providing direct access to the latest in energy efficient air handling technology. These strong technological and manufacturing partners will support RenewAire’s continued leadership as a producer of world class ERV products today and into the future.