Indirect Gas-Fired Duct Furnace

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Indirect Gas-Fired Duct Furnace

RenewAire offers some of the highest-efficiency energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) on the market. However, during winter conditions, supply air from the ERV may be less than optimal for space conditions. By providing an indoor and outdoor indirect gas-fired duct furnace as an accessory for our commercial ERVs, in addition to the Electric Duct Heater, RenewAire ERVs now have increased flexibility for controlling supply-air temperature during cooler months. This enhances indoor comfort, makes ERV installations easier and is possible via a single source for ERVs and furnaces.

Key Benefits

  • A single source for your ERV and furnace reduces time and costs: A single information source, a single purchase point and a single approval package for ERVs and heaters reduces design time and costs, as well as streamlines logistics for design engineers and contractors.
  • Increased capabilities and flexibility: RenewAire offers design engineers the capacity to specify ERVs with a matching indoor or outdoor gas-fired furnace to increase ERV capabilities and flexibility for providing a single space or multiple spaces with tempered air conditions to equal wintertime loads.
  • More and easier applications: The addition of the indoor and outdoor indirect gas-fired duct furnace as an accessory ensures that RenewAire ERVs can be easily specified on more applications that require gas heating of the recovered air.
  • Expert guidance: The RenewAire customer-support team will provide detailed and expert guidance for how best to install the indoor and outdoor gas-fired duct furnace with an ERV.
  • Ultimate reliability: RenewAire furnaces come with our two-year warranty and unmatched reliability. Single-source responsibility offers contractors and end users peace of mind and a single call location for technical, start-up and commissioning questions.
  • Highly certified: CSA certified, ANSI Z83.8, CSA 2.6, ETL and Gas Control Listed to ANSI Z21.85.

Model and Features

RenewAire indoor and outdoor gas furnaces have been designed to match our existing product offering heat capacities that range from 50–400 MBH (input) and the ability to handle airflows from 620–11,000 CFM. Each indirect gas-fired duct furnace can be customized to address application specifics, and the furnaces’s unique design allows air to flow freely for the lowest possible pressure drop.

Indirect Gas-Fired Duct Furnace
Indirect Gas-Fired Duct Furnace


Duct Thermostats
  • Modulation Control Duct-mounted thermostat accessory that provides 0-10 VDC signal for modulation control of gas furnace.
  • 1-Stage/2-Stage Control Duct-mounted thermostat accessory that provides “ON/OFF” signal for single-stage or two-stage control of gas furnace.

Duct Curb
  • Duct Curb for Outdoor Models 24" x 16" duct curb for the easy installation of outdoor gas furnace and associated ductwork on the roof.