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  • Outdoor Fan Powered Packaged Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • RTC airflow orientation for direct end connection to rooftop unit via RTC Transition Kit
  • Easy connection to many brands and models of RTUs up to 25 tons
  • No roof penetration necessary
  • Typical Airflow Range: 1,100-2,400 cfm
  • AHRI 1060 Certified Core – Three L125-G5
  • Belt Driven Forward Curve Blowers (2) driven by 3.0 hp motors
  • Available in single or three phase with multiple voltage options including 575V

Key Features

  • Utilizes RenewAire's exceptional static plate energy exchange core
    • AHRI certified performance data for efficiency and cross leakage
    • Ten year core performance warranty
    • Suitable for restroom exhaust
  • No liquid water (condensate) or accompanying drain line to deal with - as with many competing brands
  • Hinged and latched access door to ERV core with airtight outdoor exposure compression seals
  • Built-in pressure ports with captive plugs allowing cross-core pressure measurement and accurate airflow measurement
  • Second similarly constructed access door allows access to blower compartment and all other internal components
  • Screened weatherhoods to exclude birds and animals
  • Low velocity intake hood with aerodynamic rain excluder
  • G90 galvanized, 20-gauge steel construction with lapped corners and zinc plated screw fasteners
  • One inch thick dense fiberboard insulation with scrimmed foil facing - washable, durable and easy to maintain - no loose insulation fibers to break off and enter the airstreams
  • Factory installed, integral line voltage disconnect (non-fused) and onboard 24VAC power
  • EISA compliant motor for energy efficiency with open drip-proof design and integral thermal protection
  • Six total, MERV 8, 2” pleated, 20”x20” nominal size filters (three for each airstream)
  • UL tested flammability and smoke generation that meets NFPA 90A and 90B test standards for commercial applications

Available Options

  • Fused disconnect
  • Double wall construction
  • Factory supplied and mounted Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) – one or both airstreams
  • Factory mounted Filter Alarms (2)
  • Exterior paint – white standard – custom colors available
  • Rooftop RTC transition paint – white standard – custom colors available


HE3XRTC Transition Kit

  • Factory provided transition and return air scoop

Sound Control

  • SB4x10 Absorber/barrier 4' x 10' roll
  • SB4x20 Absorber/barrier 4' x 10' roll
  • SB4x30 Absorber/barrier 4' x 10' roll
  • SBTAPE Barrier tape 180' x 2"
  • SBBAND 10 each 60" long nylon band ties