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Residential Products

RenewAire Offers the Best Ventilation Choice for Your Home

Whether you have a new home under construction or an existing home needing a ventilation upgrade, RenewAire offers you the best ventilation choice. How to quickly find the product you need? Use the following rough sizing guide to help you choose or give us a call.

Model Residence Size Airflow
BR70 up to 1500 square feet 40-70 cfm
EV90, GR90, EV90P up to 2000 square feet 40-110 cfm
EV130, BR130 up to 2700 square feet 50-140 cfm
EV200 up to 4000 square feet 100-200 cfm
EV300 up to 6000 square feet 150-300 cfm

For the commercial contractor or specifying engineer, RenewAire residential ERV models are UL listed for commercial applications and are included in our ERVCalc Software. They are perfect to try on your next project. Explore the benefits of RenewAire ERV on a small scale!

Commercial Products

Simplicity, Reliability, and Performance

RenewAire has gained a reputation among contractors as being one of the easiest ERVs to install and start up. We believe that this stems from our corporate philosophy of Simplicity, Reliability, and Performance in everything we do. This philosophy certainly carries through our fan powered Commercial ERV line:

Model Type Airflow
EV450IN Indoor 200-540 cfm
EV450RT Outdoor 200-500 cfm
HE1XINV, HE1XINH Indoor 250-925 cfm
HE1XRT Outdoor 250-870 cfm
HE1XRTC Outdoor, End Connect 500-900 cfm
HE1.5XINV, HE1.5XINH Indoor 375-1,575 cfm
HE1.5XRT Outdoor 375-1,575 cfm
HE2XINV, HE2XINH Indoor 500-2,200 cfm
HE2XRT Outdoor 500-2,000 cfm
HE2XRTC Outdoor 500-1,700 cfm
HE3XINV, HE3XINH Indoor 750-3,300 cfm
HE3XRT Outdoor 750-3,300 cfm
HE3XRTC Outdoor, End Connect 1,100-2,400 cfm
HE4XINV, HE4XINH Indoor 1,000-4,400 cfm
HE4XRT Outdoor 1,000-4,400 cfm
HE4XRTC Outdoor, End Connect 2,500-3,900 cfm
HE6XIN Indoor 1,500-6,500 cfm
LE6XINH, LE6XINV Indoor 1,500-6,600 cfm
HE6XRT Outdoor 1,500-6,500 cfm
LE6XRT Outdoor 1,500-6,600 cfm
HE8XIN Indoor 2,000-7,950 cfm
LE8XINH, LE8XINV Indoor 2,000-8,800 cfm
HE8XRT Outdoor 2,000-7,950 cfm
LE8XRT Outdoor 2,000-8,800 cfm
LE10XINH, LE10XINV Indoor 2,500-11,000 cfm
LE10XRT Outdoor 2,500-11,000 cfm

Applied Products

Cost effective ERV for any application

RenewAire's cabinets of static plate energy exchange cores allow complete application flexibility including accommodating unlimited airflow capacities using multiple unit arrays.

Model Type Airflow
CA2XIN Indoor 500-2,200 cfm
CA3XIN Indoor 750-3,300 cfm
CA4XIN Indoor 1000-4,400 cfm
CA2XRT Outdoor 500-2,200 cfm
CA3XRT Outdoor 750-3,300 cfm
CA4XRT Outdoor 1,000-4,400 cfm
PA6X Indoor 1,500-6,600 cfm
PA8X Indoor 2,000-8,800 cfm
PA9X Indoor 2,250-9,900 cfm
PA12X Indoor 3,000-13,200 cfm

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Does your project require tight temperature and humidity control?

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) are typically part of a "de-coupled system" approach using two pieces of equipment, the first being a Dedicated Outdoor Air System which provides outside ventilation air directly to the space. The DOAS uses energy recovery to greatly reduce the sensible and latent loads of the outside air, and then a post treatment section (generally direct expansion coils) to further dry and cool the air. The second piece of equipment is the space conditioning equipment that deals with the sensible loads or occupancy comfort loads only. This approach, in most cases, greatly reduces the size of the space conditioning equipment. RenewAire offers four different models covering most applications:

Model Type Airflow
RD2XIN Indoor 500-2,200 cfm
RD2XRT Outdoor 500-2,200 cfm
RD4XIN Indoor 1,000-4,400 cfm
RD4XRT Outdoor 1,000-4,400 cfm


RenewAire's products are easy to control - pick the perfect control for your application

RenewAire has the perfect control for each of our products, some specific for that product, others applicable across product lines. Residential controls are:

Model Applicable Products Notes
PTL EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV240, EV300 Primary Control
PBL EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV240, EV300 Secondary Point-of-Use Control to PBL
FM EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV240, EV300 Alternative Primary w/ Furnace Interlock

Note: Effective ventilation is ensured with integral automatic proportional runtime control built-in to RenewAire's BR70 and BR130. Commercial 24VAC powered controls are:

Model Description
TC7D-W Digital Time Clock - Wall Mount
TC7D-E Digital Time Clock - Enclosed in NEMA 3R Enclosure
MC-C Occupancy Sensor - Ceiling Mount
MC-W Occupancy Sensor - Wall Mount
CO2-W C0-2 Sensor - Wall Mount
CO2-D C0-2 Sensor - Duct Mount
IAQ-W IAQ Sensor - Wall Mount
IAQ-D IAQ Sensor - Duct Mount