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Sales Partner Freight Tracking

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., RenewAire's logistics partner, has set up an online portal whereby our Sales Partners can track RenewAire outbound freight destined to their docks or a job site.This online portal only provides tracking information for outbound shipments going by truck where RenewAire has made the shipping arrangements and for which our Sales Partners are charged.The online portal will NOT provide information regarding:

  • Shipments arranged and directly paid for by our Sales Partners

  • UPS (United Parcel Service of America, Inc.) package shipments

For the first situation, please contact RenewAire. For the second situation, use "UPS Package Tracking".


Under Customer Reference Number you can either enter:

  • Your PO #


  • RenewAire's Sales Order number (without the preceding zeros or the -000 following)

There is very specific information under the "Get Details" link if you need more information beyond what appears on the first screen.

Please note that you will be leaving the RenewAire website.

Track Freight