A Simple, Low-Cost Solution to Connecting ERVs with BMS

As the digital transformation of the HVAC industry continues rapidly, RenewAire is proud to announce the launch of our latest ancillary product: the BACnet Fan Controller. This innovative solution provides an inexpensive and streamlined solution to connecting RenewAire energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) with a building management system (BMS) or building automation system (BAS).

What sets the RenewAire BACnet Fan Controller apart? First of all, it’s much easier and less expensive to use than traditional integrated programmable controls (IPC). Previously, connecting ERVs to a BMS or BAS might cost thousands of dollars, but with this system the cost is considerably lower. This significant price reduction opens up new possibilities for applications of all types, particularly those with budget constraints like schools.

How is this possible? The BACnet Fan Controller uses standard controls, thus enabling it to optimize ERV effectiveness at a reasonable price point. This simple wall-mount controller allows the user to turn a RenewAire ERV on and off through the keypad, through a digital input with a remote switch or through a BMS with BACnet MS/TP. Essentially, this solution delivers exactly what customers need without breaking the bank, making indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement via ERVs easier and more affordable.

BACnet Testing Laboratories Listed

Having achieved the stringent BACnet Testing Laboratories listing ensures that the unit will be compatible with other BACnet systems. Thus ensures a seamless connection between the ERV and the building automation system.

Applications Include Education Buildings, Religious Centers, Offices, Public Spaces

This controller is the perfect and inexpensive option for many straightforward applications, such as schools, houses of worship, office buildings, public spaces, and malls; which require a simple and cost-effective solution to maximize ERV effectiveness.

And why does this matter? Enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) via
energy-efficient ERVs improves occupant health
and wellbeing
, as well as the bottom line.

Key Features

  • Connects ERVs to a building at up to 50% less cost than adding another I/O connection
  • Adds remote fan control functionally to standard control units
  • Set fan on/off status and speed (speed control limited to HE & LE Series units)
  • Local control without opening unit and/or BMS override via BACnet MS/TP
  • 24VAC powered
  • Field-installed accessory
  • Wall-mounted, LCD display
  • BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) listed
  • Installation: The field installed accessory can be mounted by the unit or on a standard junction box
  • Digital input interlock: Systems may be turned on or off based on air-handling unit (AHU) status, smoke-detector input and occupancy sensor
  • BACnet MS/TP integration: Allows the user to view statuses, shut down the unit based on building needs and set fan speeds

ERV Compatibility

The BACnet Fan Controller is designed for RenewAire’s commercial and residential ERV systems, such as EV Premium Series, SL Series, HE Series and LE Series. These units must be equipped with standard controls that have a dry contact to control the unit with a variety of low-voltage (24VAC) control devices. These include remote switches or relays.

Why is the RenewAire BACnet Fan Controller the best option on the market today?

It’s the simple, hassle-free and budget-friendly solution to connect ERVs with a BMS or BAS that offers unparalleled ease of use in a low-cost format. With this product, gone are the days of being priced out of or grappling with overly complex controllers. Indeed, achieving efficient ventilation and temperature control has never been more accessible.

Also, with BTL listing, users can be assured of the product’s highest integrity and reliability. Furthermore, it’s the easy and economical solution for a variety of commercial and residential applications, including schools, churches, offices and malls. Ultimately, the controller empowers users to embrace simplicity and affordability without sacrificing functionality.

Installing the BACNet Fan Control in Your Building

BACNet Installation to ERV
BACNet Installation to ERV

RenewAire Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Shreya Timilsina, demonstrates how to connect a RenewAire BACnet Fan Controller to an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

BACNet Installation to BMS
BACNet Installation to BMS

RenewAire DOAS Product Manager, Shirley Hall, shows how to connect a RenewAire BACnet Fan Controller to a building management system (BMS).