High Performing Homes Part I

High Performing Homes Part I

You understand how your body performs, and you probably know how your car does, too. But what about your home? Would you consider yourself well-versed in the dynamics that keep your home – and you – healthy?

This isn’t a topic that many people have thought about, but Corbett and Grace Lunsford have. Their TV show, Home Diagnosis, dives into home performance and how to increase the performance of your own home.

In part one of this podcast series, you’re introduced to the couple as they join host Tyler Kern and podcast regular Nick Agopian.

“Home performance really clicked with us, because you understand the performance of your body and you understand the performance of your car, yet we will spend a hundred times more on these giant houses, sometimes, without knowing the miles per gallon or the safety standards or how the home performs,” Grace Lunsford said.

Home performance can be viewed through the lens of a “4-3-2-1” approach, which Corbett defined for listeners. First, there are four key elements – heat flow, airflow and pressure, moisture, and air quality.

Next, there are three categories of recommendations for solutions, air sealing, insulation and mechanical, two types of systems, enclosure and engine, and one key goal – controlling, balancing and tuning your home.

Achieving a healthy home is a measurable goal. By testing the four elements as they relate to a unique system, you can monitor your progress. This testing gives you confidence in the value of your home and empowers you to recognize and address unintentional side effects.

Listen to the second part of this series of Indoor Air Quality IQ for more on energy efficiency and the chemistry of a healthy home. And, if you liked this episode, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to get notified about the newest episodes when they’re released.

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