The New Ventilation Solutions Vehicle (VSV)

The New Ventilation Solutions Vehicle (VSV)

After years of dedicated service, the MMV was retired and replaced with the brand-new, freshly designed Ventilation Solutions Vehicle (VSV). The VSV is a fully equipped, mobile learning center that provides expert knowledge on RenewAire’s latest products, innovations and ventilation strategies.

Key benefits of the VSV include:

  • Expert knowledge: The VSV serves as a platform to conduct comprehensive, customized and educational ERV workshops that provide expert knowledge on: new products and innovations, product use and functionality, energy recovery, ventilation strategies, industry trends, applications and codes.
  • IAQ criticality: RenewAire ERVs enhance indoor air quality (IAQ) energy-efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably, and we discuss why IAQ matters, how our ERVs enhance IAQ and what the health, wellness, cognitive and productivity benefits are of cleaner and healthier indoor air.
  • Professional Development Hours (PDH): All RenewAire VSV workshops and lunch-and-learns qualify for continuing-education PDH credits.

The VSV will soon be traveling across North America, and it was introduced for the first time at the 2017 RenewAire Rep Council:

RenewAire’s new Ventilation Solutions Vehicle (VSV) was introduced at Rep Council

The Reps saw first-hand the VSV’s innovative functionality and ease of use