RenewAire Hosts 2017 Rep Council at New Facility

RenewAire Hosts 2017 Rep Council at New Facility

Every year, the RenewAire team gathers together with our exceptional Representatives for the RenewAire Rep Council to plan ahead for the coming year. This year, we hosted the council at our brand-new, 111,000-square-foot facility, which is seeking LEED Gold and to be one of the few buildings worldwide with LEED, Green Globes and ENERGY STAR certifications, just like our previous facility.

Forty Reps attended from across North America, and we focused on why it’s critical to create great customer outcomes and how effective collaboration can make this possible. Nick Agopian, RenewAire’s VP, Sales and Marketing, presented on this topic:

To underline this point, the Reps broke into teams and achieved something never before seen by the event organizers. This impressive feat consisted of the Reps building separate sections of a massive dominoes track that interconnected seamlessly as a chain reaction from start to finish, thus creating a Rube Goldberg machine. Click on the below photo to see a video of the accomplishment in action:

The Reps successfully built a seamless, chain-reaction Rube Goldberg machine


In addition, the Reps were given an in-depth tour of the new facility:

The Reps were given a tour of RenewAire’s new facility that’s seeking LEED Gold


All photos from the 2017 Rep Council can be seen on our Facebook page. We’re looking forward to seeing the team again next year!

Top photo: RenewAire’s Nick Agopian presented at the 2017 RenewAire Rep Council