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Ventilation Solutions Vehicle


Learn how RenewAire technologies IMPROVE THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE WITHIN A SPACE through higher-quality indoor air. By enhancing IAQ, our ERVs support people’s health, productivity and wellbeing, thus strengthening perceptions of and interactions with an interior. The end result is an enriched outcome for indoor occupants.


Learn how RenewAire ERVs CONFORM TO CODE and can downsize heating and cooling requirements for your projects. You can see our products as well as our core technology, learn about our LATEST INNOVATIONS, review selection programs and understand the latest options and features accompanying our ERV technology.


Learn how RenewAire ERVs can save you time and money, and offer you peace of mind with hassle-free projects. You can see why our ERVs are the most reliable and have the BEST WARRANTY WITH THE FEWEST CLAIMS, as well as learn about our ventilation strategies and why our on-time delivery is the fastest in the industry.

End Users
End Users

Learn how RenewAire ERVs enhance IAQ, downsize HVAC equipment, realize major ENERGY SAVINGS and provide reliable operation and hassle-free maintenance. You can learn about our industry-best warranty and see how our ERVs maximize efficiency and create comfortable and HEALTHY INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS.

Introducing the RenewAire Ventilation Solutions Vehicle
Renewaire Ventilation Solutions Vehicle Set-up
RenewAire Ventilation Solutions Vehicle Instruction Video
Emerging Trends

During VSV workshops, we’ll discuss the latest in building ventilation
and energy-efficiency trends. For example, we’ll cover the 2030 Challenge reducing fossil fuel dependency of buildings and the latest in top-level certifications, such as LEED, Passive House, PHIUS, Net Zero, Green Globes, ENERGY STAR, HVI, AHRI, WELL Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge.

Expert Knowledge

The VSV serves as a platform to conduct comprehensive, customized and educational ERV workshops that provide expert knowledge on: new products and innovations, energy recovery, ventilation strategies, industry trends and applications and codes (LEED, Passive house, IECC, IMC, IRC, etc.).

New Products and Innovations

We review in detail our latest products and innovations, and offer real-time demonstrations on their use and functionality.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

RenewAire ERVs enhance IAQ energy-efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably, and we discuss why IAQ matters, how our ERVs reduce indoor air contaminants and what the health, wellness and productivity benefits are of cleaner and healthier indoor air.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)

All RenewAire VSV workshops qualify for continuing-education PDH credits, and signed certificates can be distributed to attendees.