Who We Are And What We Do

RenewAire has been manufacturing energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) for 40 years.

Providing the built environment with healthy indoor air has always been important, as it can affect occupant health, cognitive function and productivity. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cognizant authorities recommended increasing ventilation indoors as a mitigation strategy, noting that increased ventilation is associated to reduced viral spread.

RenewAire’s energy recovery ventilation can help buildings increase ventilation rates indoors without raising facilities costs (dropping costs up to 65%). How? Our energy-efficient ERVs recover otherwise-wasted total energy to precondition outdoor air that is coming inside. This means that in the winter, the cold, dry outside air is preheated and humidified by the outgoing warm interior air. Conversely, in the summertime, the warm incoming air is precooled and dehumidified by the cool, exiting exhaust air.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, we’re committed to sustainability and environmentalism (our facility has three Green Globes, LEED Gold and ENERGY STAR certifications).

RenewAire Everywhere and Anywhere

Our units can be found everywhere! From Alaska to Florida (and everywhere in between) our ERVs and DOAS units are able to operate in every climate. Additionally, our project lines are diverse; we have ventilation solutions for any type of project whether it’s a home, school, or a hospital.

RenewAire's Story

RenewAire was founded in a garage in 1978 by Doug Steege and Chuck Gates. Together, the duo focused the company is finding on ways to manufacture renewable energy sources; focusing first on solar thermal systems and expanding into solar electric and wind electric generation systems, passive solar heating and a variety of energy-conservation products.

In 1983, the company launched its first commercially available, static-plate, enthalpy-exchange ERV. The company transitioned to manufacturing ERVs to further reduce energy consumption in the world.

Visit “Our History” to learn more about RenewAire’s story.

RenewAire History

For 40 years, RenewAire has enhanced IAQ energy-efficiently in buildings of every type.

Mission and Vision

RenewAire ERVs are known for being the best value, reliable operation, highest-

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RenewAire ERVs are known for their reliability, energy efficiency and certifications.


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