In our ongoing effort to improve our residential product offering, for all residential ERVs ordered after September 24, 2018 we’ll be incorporating pressure taps in the doors and a manual damper shipped with the unit to assist in installation, verification and balancing.


It’s our intent that including these new features will aid in the ease of installation of our residential product offering, particularly when trying to attain specific airflows for proper ventilation, code adherence and conformity to verification requirements of rating programs. The residential units include: BR-70, BR-130, GR-90, EV-90, EV-90P, EV-130, EV-200, EV-240 and EV-300.


All residential units ordered after September 17, 2018 will come with pressure taps on the door of the unit and one balancing damper that will be shipped loose with the unit. The single balancing damper can be used to balance airflow on OA/FA or RA/EA airstreams.


An installer will be able to connect a manometer in the field to the pressure ports and use the pressure vs. CFM table for the unit to adjust the balancing damper to get the desired airflow for the preferred airstream. Instructions for setting up the manometer and installing the balancing damper will be in the installation manual that ships with the unit. The image below shows the location of the pressure ports, the installation method for the balancing damper and the pressure vs. airflow table for an EV-90 unit.


For example, for an EV-90 unit with a desired OA airflow of 84 CFM, you connect a manometer to the OA/FA pressure ports on the unit after installation. If it reads 0.25” pressure drop, then you slide the balance damper into the OA collar until you get a reading of 0.2” on the manometer, which corresponds to 84 CFM from the table.