RenewAire COVID-19 Communication

The health of our employees, customers, and communities is important to RenewAire. We are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure our operations remain safe and resilient, in compliance with Federal, State and local guidance and directives. We will continue to monitor and assess the impact of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic throughout all aspects of the business: project support, quoting, ordering, design, and delivery. RenewAire is fortunate to be in a lower risk environment at the moment, with mostly local suppliers and very few overseas.

We are currently processing and shipping orders as scheduled, with very few minor delays noted. At this time, we have not experienced any major changes or impacts internally or with our suppliers that would hamper us from serving our customers in our customary way. If that changes, we will let you know. Until then, we will continue to process orders normally.

We ask that unless it is imperative, you limit your visitation to the factory. We have enacted some screening protocols for non-employee visitors if absolutely necessary. We have put our vent workshops on hold until we have a better understanding of when the situation will allow for the safe presentation of these events. We remain available of course via email or phone for any questions or concerns.

We are drastically curtailing or temporarily suspending all travel for the next 6 weeks or so, including travel for our sales team. So, although our availability to support you in person will be limited, we are setup to support you remotely and offer tech support, technical presentations and lunch-n-learns via go to meeting. Let us know how we can help you. CORES selection software remains available with real-time chat function capabilities.

We will not be attending any trade shows for the next 4-6 weeks (subject to change). Per federal guidelines most of them have already been cancelled. We will be committed to attending shows once they have been rescheduled.

If you have any ideas or have heard of any interesting or unique techniques offered by other organizations to maintain operation in these unprecedented times, please share them with us if you can. If there is a best practice we can adopt at RenewAire, please let us know.

We want to support you in whatever way possible, but most importantly we want you to be safe and protect yourselves and your families against the virus. Information will be very important as we all manage forward, so feel free to share whatever you hear or experience that might be helpful.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been tragically affected. Please let us know if we can help you or your teams and families in these challenging times.


The RenewAire Team